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JJ Flaunt Blog

JJ Flaunt Blog

From the first JJ Flaunt blog titled The Early Days:

I am new to to Brighton. I’m even relatively new to England. 

So I hope you will take my perspective on the fashions of Brighton with the understanding that I see them though fairly fresh eyes. I’m neither jaded nor excited by local cultural stereotypes or expectations. I don’t demand anything from its people or its shops. I’m just here, observing, trying to fit in, finding my own niche in a city well known for having lots of niches. 

I intend to write an open, honest broad view of fashion, about life in the fashion industry and personal growth through a fashion business. But I also want to bring you a dose of reality on just what it’s like to be an expat American woman who has lived around the world, who has just started a brand new business at the age of 45, who juggles family and profession and who is obsessed with fashion in all its forms (especially culturally significant, gender-bending and/or size defying) — but who struggles daily with her own personal image. 

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