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Interchangeable Jewellery

One of the specialities at JJ Flaunt is our diverse selection of different interchangeable jewellery programs. These are traditional pieces of jewellery (and sometimes fun accessories), such as bracelets, necklaces, rings, etc., that you pair up with your choice of charms. Basically you get to design your jewellery and then change that design on the go!




Lotti Dotties combines traditional sterling silver jewellery with magnetic charms that click into the place so you can create and change your own style. The rings and earrings are especially popular with this collection!
MIASOL Interchangeable Jewellery MIASŌL interchangeable coin jewellery features “Sol Coins”—beautifully designed coin inserts that are worn in specially designed jewellery. Each piece offers a sophisticated, modern design that celebrates a woman’s inner beauty and strength. Get the glow of MIASOL! 
Ginger Snaps Interchangeable Jewellery Ginger Snaps® is a spirited collection of interchangeable fashion featuring button-like charms you snap in and out of our specially made jewellery and accessories. Ginger Snaps is all about heart and soul, sweetness and sass, and brazen individuality.
Ginger Snaps PETITES Interchangeable Jewellery Ginger Snaps® PETITE Collection offers the same Snap-able fashion as the Ginger Snaps you know and love, only in a petite size. Please note that the PETITE and regular Ginger Snaps collection are not designed to work with one another - a regular Ginger Snap charm will not fit, for example, into a PETITE bracelet.


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