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Beaucoup Fleur-de-Lis Charm

Beaucoup Designs

  • £1650


From the Aimez collection of Beaucoup Design, this two-toned charm of the fleur-de-lis - or flower of the lily - often signifies French royalty. As a result it's associated with life, light - and perfection. 

Suits any of the necklace and bracelet charm chains from Beaucoup Design. It's about the size of a 20p coin.

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About Beaucoup Designs
Jewellery is very meaningful to both the recipient and the gift giver, and Beaucoup Designs find it to be a great showcase for expressing true sentiments about family, friends, and life. By giving a gift of jewellery, you can really feel connected with the person you are giving it to, and this line allows you to incorporate pieces and charms that carry significance and meaning. Faith. Family. Relationships… for Beaucoup Design, these are things that represent truth and beauty.

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