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December CZ Crystal Birthstone Blue Topaz Pendant

JJ Rocks

  • £1295


About this pendant
This simple, solitary pendant is very high quality sterling silver and because it's plated in rhodium, it's more durable and won't tarnish as quickly as silver alone. The stone is made from cubic zirconia, a synthesised material that is flawless and durable.

The birthstone of December also offers the following characteristics:

  • A happy life with good fortune 
  • Positivity, good nature and a stronger sexual appetite

Materials: sterling silver, rhodium, cubic zirconia. 

Looking for a chain to wear with this pendant?
Italian Roll Chain, 24"
Italian Roll Chain, 18"
Box Chain, 24"
Box Chain, 18"

About JJ Rocks

JJ Rocks is a collection of fun, unique, exquisite and clever jewellery hand picked from jewellery workshops around the world. 

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