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Ginger Snaps Hair Tie

Ginger Snaps Hair Tie

Ginger Snaps

  • £950


About the Hair Tie:
The band on this hair tie is extra thick and durable and includes a Snap fastener designed with a bit of vintage scrolling. Ideal to wear as a bracelet until such a time that you feel the need to put your hair up - it looks pretty either way!

Choose from any of over 300 Snaps to design the look of this Hair Tie to suit your own tastes and then of course you can change the Snap to match your outfit - or your desired level of bling for the day.

Materials: elasticated fabric and rhodium. Fits one Snap.

Snaps sold separately. This Hair Tie works with all Ginger Snaps:
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About Ginger Snaps:
Ginger Snaps is a spirited collection of interchangeable jewellery from America. It features ‘fashion snaps’, button-like charms you pop in and out of specially made jewellery and accessories.

Choose any of the Ginger Snaps jewellery or accessories, then select a Snap(s) and put them together to create your own look. You can swap out your Snap for another at any time to match your mood, outfit or occasion.

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