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Ginger Snaps Petite Petite Suede Tassel Keychain - Black

Ginger Snaps Petite Petite Suede Tassel Keychain - Black

Ginger Snaps Petites

  • £1800


This suede tassel can be used for more than a key chain. It can hang as a charm dangle from a handbag or zip of a jacket. You can even clip it onto a chain and wear it around your neck.

Materials: rhodium and suede. Measurements: 7" from top of the clip to bottom of the tassel.

Fits one Petite Snap.

Petite Snaps sold separately. This keychain works with all Petite Ginger Snaps:

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About Ginger Snaps PETITE:
Ginger Snaps PETITE is a spirited collection of interchangeable jewellery from America. Like its sister program, Ginger Snaps, PETITES features ‘fashion snaps’, button-like charms you pop in and out of specially made jewellery and accessories. As the name suggests, though, they (and their coordinating jewellery and accessories) are of a smaller proportion.

Choose any of the Ginger Snaps PETITE jewellery or accessories, then select a Snap(s) and put them together to create your own look. You can swap out your Snap for another at any time to match your mood, outfit or occasion.

PLEASE NOTE: Ginger Snaps and Ginger Snaps PETITES do not work together. Petite Snaps will not fit into the regular Snaps jewellery or accessories, or vice versa. 

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